Improvements to Local Community Radio

Fitting out tower

Radio Mansfield has just finished the installation of a new transmission tower and repeater at Frenchman’s Gap near Woods Point. It commenced operation on Sunday 29th November 2020. Now Woods Point and the surrounding areas will be able to receive Radio Mansfield’s signal on 90.1FM. This project was financed by the Community Broadcasting Foundation with additional funds from VicForests. Woods Point is the most remote community in the Mansfield Shire and has the highest level of bushfire risk.

This project is an important part of the stations infrastructure and is particularly important in our role as emergency broadcasters. It will be great to be able to share our programs and information with the communities in the Woods Point area.
In November 2018 the station also commissioned a new transmitter in the Tolmie area which transmits on 88.7FM. So finally, Radio Mansfield is now able to broadcast to both the northern and southern parts of our Shire.

New transmission tower Frenchman's Gap
New transmission tower Frenchman’s Gap

In addition, the station has just launched a new upgraded website
This new website was created by Gabrielle Rose, a member of Mansfield Community Radio Inc. with her IT graduates who volunteered to do this. The result is exceptional.

The new site contains lots of information about Radio Mansfield and importantly contains links to all the emergency services anyone may use in one section.

As emergency broadcasters this is important and listeners can also stream our programs from this website.