Saturday Roadtrip

Saturday 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Presented by: Ingrid Ueno


Great songs to sing along to in the car or on a lazy afternoon entertaining friends and family.

Sometimes we travel to far off lands and sometimes we pull out the old classics.  We can do the Cuban Cigar Boys one week then head over to Europe for some French Electro-Swing.  We love to find some acoustic rock and very unusual covers that might just surprise you but occasionally just head back to the old classic road trip songs that you would bellow out with your friends whilst driving up the coast.  One-hit wonders, old, new and everything in between.  One thing guaranteed, you will definitely hear something you haven’t heard before and you might just enjoy it.

Music Genres Keywords: Road trip, Sing along

Broadcast Info
Broadcast live from Radio Mansfield.