Blues Bus

Monday 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Presented by: Keith Rogers


Bluesbus goes to air a bit like a musician saying “Hand Me That Piano”, when he actually meant “Hand Me That Harmonica”. This means I set out at the start of the program, as I have for the past 20 years or so, with a sort of playlist and promising to get through 3 hours without a mistake or memory failure. I wish. The best blues in the North-East can include anything that is obviously described as “blues”. But given the ancestral home of blues is the USA, many American cities and areas can boast a blues style of its’ own, blues is a wide genre. Jamming the Bluesbus airwaves is Australian and international contemporary blues, blues rock, blues-jazz fusion, jump blues, and digging out some real old mouldy stuff – rhythm and blues that started the world rockin and rollin way back in the late 40s.
Where a date coincides with a program, we celebrate a major birthday, or commonly now, the anniversary of a birthday of great blues performers who have passed on. Blues is alive on Bluesbus.

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Also broadcast through UGFM on the following frequencies:
106.9FM Alexandra, 98.9FM Flowerdale, 98.5FM Marysville, 94.5FM Kinglake Ranges and 88.9FM Yea