Emergency Info


Radio Mansfield 99.7FM has installed an auto start standby generator at its transmitter site on the Paps near Mansfield. This 7.5Kva standby generator will start automatically if there is a power outage and stop automatically once power returns.

Unfortunately power outages occur frequently at the Paps and when this happens Mansfield loses all TV and radio transmissions. In an emergency situation the community could be compromised by this lack of communications. As Radio Mansfield 99.7FM is Mansfield’s local accredited emergency broadcaster, the station can now ensure uninterrupted broadcasting of emergency information even if there is a power outage. This highlights the importance of having a battery powered radio in your household emergency kit so that you can tune into our broadcasts – or remember to use your car radio to stay informed. Mobile phones and laptop computers are also battery powered and as all our programs and emergency information are also streamed on Radio Mansfield’s website this can also be useful in an emergency situation. The website www.radiomansfield.org.au also contains links to emergency services.

We are pleased to acknowledge that the principal funding for the generator at the Paps transmission site was obtained from a grant application prepared and auspiced by Mansfield Shire Council to the Office of the Emergency Services Commissioner Natural Disaster Resilience Grants Scheme. The Bendigo Community Bank Mansfield, the Rotary Club of Mansfield and Geelong Grammar School Timbertop also donated funds towards this important community project.

The station would also like to thank Glen Ryan of Mansfield Metals, Mick Hearn of MPH Contractors and Billy Mahoney of Billy Mahoney Electrical for volunteering their time and labour during the installation process.

We live in a great community and Radio Mansfield 99.7FM really appreciates the community’s support of this important project.